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The Occitania Hub is an innovation and go international accelerator for innovative SMEs developing activity with a strong digital technology component and interested in accessing new emerging international markets.
The hub is developing a range of services to promote innovation and business development in the sectors of digital, agriculture, environment and maritime.
SMEs will be supported in the maturation of their innovation and product/service developments to access the targeted Latin American markets.
The hub of Montpelier is closely linked to the other hubs of the project: networks and actions at the service of the international acceleration of SMEs.

The Montpellier hub is managed by Aerospace Valley and AD’OCC. Aerospace Valley has strong expertise in spatial and digital data : R&D, entrepreneurship, business development. AV is leading the ESA BIC Sud France whose vocation is to support the development of space-related start-ups: transfer of a technology from the space field to another field, data enhancement for a product or service or technology from New Space. AD’OCC Agency has strong expertise in international support.


Cité de l’économie et des métiers de demain

132 boulevard Pénélope

34000 Montpellier

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